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Latest Technologies at The Elms Dental Practice

Digital Itero Oral Scanner

This scanner can be used as an alternative to traditional impression taking, meaning patients no longer have to experience any gagging.
If you have crowded or crooked teeth – you will be able to see immediately on screen what your own teeth will look like once straightened.

The scanner allows for more accurate fitting restorations and aligners.

We can monitor and see the changes in your teeth every 6 months – for example to see if crowding of your teeth or receding of your gums is getting worse.

It helps with treatment planning with the dental laboratory for our patients so that we have a better overall outcome for your treatment.

Digital Itero Oral Scanner

Digital X-rays

Help to improve patient safety with markedly reduced exposure to radiation.

There is less waiting times for patients as the X-rays are processed almost immediately once taken.

The is better image quality so aiding in more accurate diagnosis.

Digital X-rays

Digital Intra-Oral Cameras

We can take digital photos / images of the inside of the mouth of all areas including the teeth and gums. This allows us to show you exactly what is going on in your mouth, for example whether your tooth is decayed or broken.

These magnified images of your teeth can be shown to our patients on our big screens so you can have a better understanding of your oral health and any treatment that is needed.

Our patients can also see before and after treatment photos - especially in areas towards the back of the mouth, which normally can be difficult to see for patients.

The digital camera also allows us to monitor your oral health over a period of time.

Digital Intra-Oral Cameras

Adhesive technology

At Ascot dental practice we are using the latest adhesive technology, so that we can provide the highest quality restorations for your teeth.

Where a restoration is required, advances in adhesive technology used allows us to reduce the amount of cutting away of natural tooth structure - so to maintain health of your tooth, whilst restoring it back to what it should be like and allowing you to function and chew normally. This will also help to restore the integrity and improve the aesthetics of the tooth.

Adhesive technology can also be used to improve the shape and colour of your front teeth – with out the need for any drilling and local anaesthetics.

Adhesive technology

Clear Aligners technology – Invisalign to align crooked teeth –

At our practice we offer our patients a way of straightening your teeth with clear aligner Invisalign technology, which means that your teeth can be straightened a lot more discreetly and without the need for traditional metal brackets and wires – usually known as ‘train tracks’.

Invisalign technology also allows us to create space to straighten teeth without the need to extract teeth, so it is a more conservative way to align your teeth.

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Clear Aligners technology – Invisalign

Fully computerised

All our patient records are now fully computerised.

We like to make patients lives easier and so our patients get reminders of their forthcoming appointments via email and or texts messaging so that you do not forget your appointments.

Patient records are now fully computerised

Electrosurgery kit

This allows us to provide restorations where the cavity or decay of a tooth is below the gum line.

Electrosurgery means that we can neatly ease the gum out of the way so that the cavity is then above the gum-line, meaning we can restore the tooth appropriately and help to maintain the tooth instead of extracting it. 

Electrosurgery kit

Rotary Endodontics

For root canal treatment we have a rotary endodontics machine available at the practice for cleaning and shaping the root canal system.

The rotary system has many advantages over the conventional stainless steel conventional files, including files that are more flexible, so allows better negotiation of curved canals –  with more precision.

The root canal procedure can be faster and the system also can detect when the files are close to the tip of there root.   

Rotary Endodontics

Implant motor

We have dedicated implant motor at the practice that allows us to place dental implants with great precision and accuracy in a comfortable way for our patients.  

Implant motor

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