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Replacing Missing Teeth at The Elms Dental Practice

Restore your smile with effective, innovative treatment locally in Reading

Replacing missing teeth is very important because of the dental problems that can occur when gaps are left in your smile. Here at The Elms Dental Practice, we have a wide selection of treatments to restore your smile back to full functionality and appearance.

We offer dentures, bridges and dental implants so that your smile can look and feel great again. We can restore single missing teeth, groups of missing teeth, or entire arches of missing teeth with several options to suit different budgets.

Do You Offer Denture Treatment?

We offer dentures as an excellent, traditional treatment option for replacing missing teeth. When you leave missing teeth and do not replace them, the surrounding teeth can move and collapse, causing the rest of the teeth to become wonky and misaligned. You may also find you have issues with eating, speaking or with premature ageing of the face.

Dentures can replace one, a few or entire arches of missing teeth effectively. The devices are removable, but are completely bespoke to your mouth and so look and feel very natural when in position.

How Do I Know If Dentures Are Right For Me?

Dentures are a really good option if you have missing teeth and want a budget-friendly replacement option to restore your smile. We can discuss dentures with you and how they could work for your smile; however, we also have several alternatives for replacing missing teeth if dentures are not a suitable option for you.

Are Dentures All Made From The Same Material?

Most dentures tend to be comprised of metal and high-grade plastic. The most modern versions are very natural looking and feeling, and are designed to be durable. There are different types of dentures depending on your budget, and we can discuss those with you when you have a denture consultation with us.

Do You Offer Dental Implant Treatment?

At our clinic we are proud to offer the most innovative treatment for tooth replacement currently offered within modern dentistry; dental implants. Implants are a very secure tooth replacement option and they look and feel almost exactly like your natural teeth. They can also last a lifetime, so are a great investment into your smile.

The devices are made from titanium and work by replacing the tooth root, providing a strong foundation for the crown that is fitted above the gum line. Dental implants require no work on the surrounding teeth and can work to support dentures, bridges or individual teeth. A thorough consultation is required before treatment can go ahead, possibly including x-rays and digital scans.

Do You Offer Dental Bridge Treatment?

Our clinic offers two types of dental bridge; adhesive and conventional.

Adhesive bridges are a modern alternative to conventional bridges and they work using a metal wing attachment which connects them to the adjacent natural tooth using strong adhesive.

This can be preferable to the conventional bridge treatment which requires the teeth next to the gap to be prepared and crowns added to support the bridge in the middle.

Both options are fixed and have their own individual benefits.

Which Missing Tooth Solution Is Right For Me?

If missing teeth have caused you embarrassment, dental issues or premature ageing, or you're tired of dentures that don't fit well, please get in touch with The Elms Dental Practice here in Reading. We can help you restore your smile so you will be able to eat and smile with confidence once again.

Please call our reception team on 0118 942 7951 and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information and book you a consultation at a time to suit you.

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