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Tooth Wear

Over time your teeth can begin to wear down because of a wide range of factors. Unfortunately, this can bring on lots of issues like tooth sensitivity.

In extreme cases, the tooth nerves are revealed which can be very painful indeed. Aesthetically, there are also side effects as teeth can start to look shorter and darker in colour.

The Itero Digital scanner allows us to monitor the amount of tooth wear and gum recession over a period of time.

Why Does Tooth Wear Happen?

Everybody has different reasons for their teeth wearing down, although there are common reasons including:

Abrasion - abrasion is where the teeth are wearing down, due for example to overly enthusiastic brushing. Brushing really hard and often can eventually lead to the dentine beneath the tooth enamel being exposed.

Attrition - attrition is where you grind and clench your teeth and the upper surfaces are affected. This can happen because you feel stressed but you aren't necessarily aware you are doing it.

Erosion - erosion is where the teeth are worn down because of the acids from the food and drink you consume. Erosion can also happen because of medical problems.

Abfraction - abfraction is where the part of the tooth closest to the gum line gets impacted by forces like chewing, biting and grinding, so much so that tiny micro fractures occur at the neck of the tooth.


Does The Elms Dental Practice Offer Solutions To Tooth Wear?

We are pleased to offer preventative devices like custom mouth guards which help stop bruxism occurring. We can also use fillings and bonding to build the teeth back up and to protect them. If the issue is more substantial, we can complete a more substantial restoration so that the functionality of the smile is restored, along with the aesthetics for improved smile confidence.

Our priority is to find out why your teeth are wearing down so that we can stop the problem getting any worse. Please call our reception team on 0118 942 7951 for more information and to book an appointment.

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