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What Does Root Canal Treatment Involve?

Root canal treatment (endodontics) is a type of therapy we use when the internal parts of the tooth, including nerves, have become infected. The nerves sit in the root canals of the tooth inside the pulp chamber, which is beneath the outer layers of the tooth.

When this part of the tooth is infected you may not experience any symptoms initially. It can sometimes be the case that the nerve has died where infection has overcome the tooth and any feeling has been taken away. We hope to start treatment before the nerve has died, and for that reason we need to remove the infection as soon as possible.

If you do have symptoms from the infection, this will likely get much worse and cause a lot of pain and problems.

At The Elms Dental Practice in Reading we have a good deal of experience in endodontics, and we can use our expertise to try and save an infected tooth, hopefully helping you avoid more discomfort and treatment in the future.

Is Root Canal Treatment Always Necessary?

Root canal treatment is always necessary if the infection of the tooth has travelled into the pulp. The pain can be very uncomfortable and the infection will only get worse if it is not treated. Without root canal, the infection could even lead to an abscess which is extremely painful. As well as struggling with everyday tasks, you will find that your tooth eventually requires extraction if you do not seek treatment, as the infection will kill the tooth.

With our expertise, your tooth stands the best possible chance of being saved, and you can be free from pain and discomfort. You can also avoid the need for future restorations should the tooth have required extraction.

How Will Root Canal Treatment Save My Tooth?

We can't guarantee your tooth will be saved, but we can apply our expertise, skills and experience to do our very best to stop the need for extraction. Once we have diagnosed your tooth as having a root canal infection, we can proceed with treatment which usually involves:

  • Anaesthetic applied locally to the area
  • The dentist will gain access to the infected area
  • Special tools and instruments will be used to remove any infected pulp and tissues that have died
  • The area is shaped and cleaned

At this stage if it is appropriate your dentist will fill and seal the tooth, placing a crown on top. It may be that they opt to delay this finishing process and place a temporary filling instead.

This is so that they can monitor the root canal for further infection and only fill it when they are sure the infection is completely gone. There is never one certain way to complete a successful root canal treatment and your endodontist will always tailor your treatment to ensure the best possible result for your tooth.

How Can I Contact The Elms Dental Practice About Root Canal Treatment?

If you suspect you have a root canal infection, please call our reception team on 0118 942 7951 and we can arrange an appointment for you. If it is an emergency, please get in touch as soon as you can so that we can help you as soon as possible.

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