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Comprehensive dentistry treatments in Reading

At The Elms Dental Practice our patients can expect a comprehensive selection of restorative, cosmetic and general dentistry treatments to support gaining and maintaining optimum oral health.

Our skilled team work within our well-equipped clinic to provide innovative, cutting edge dentistry to help you have the happiest, healthiest smile possible.

We are proud to offer dentistry services to the whole family. From checking baby’s first tooth, to fitting Grandma’s latest set of comfortable dentures, we are extremely proud of our family-friendly approach to dentistry and oral care.

What Should I Expect From A Dental Check-up?

During a check-up with us, which is usually every six months unless your dentist recommends otherwise, we will complete a comprehensive check of your gums, teeth and oral soft tissues. We may also perform diagnostics like X-rays to check your jawbone and the roots of your teeth. We also carry our oral cancer screening.

Your check-up with us is also the ideal opportunity to speak to us about any smile improvements you might be interested in, or any concerns you have. We also ask you keep us up-to-date with any new medical issues or medication as your general health can have an effect on your oral health.

What Does Filling Treatment Involve?

We use fillings to treat decayed teeth that require additional support and strength to remain healthy. We use amalgam or composite (tooth-coloured resin) for fillings depending on your preference, and will always pair this kind of treatment with oral care advice to help you prevent the need for further fillings in future.

Do You Provide White Fillings?

White fillings are made from composite which naturally sticks to the tooth and provides strength and protection. Our modern technology is minimally invasive and helps to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible. This makes white fillings a great option for restoring a tooth and ensuring it remains durable. Patients also ask for white fillings so that the restoration blends in with the natural colour of the surrounding teeth, maintaining the overall smile aesthetic.

What Can I Expect If I Require Tooth Extraction?

We are incredibly passionate about providing preventative treatments and tips to help patients retain their natural teeth. Tooth extraction is a last resort and we will only offer it if there are no other options. Sometimes it is a treatment that needs to be completed because the tooth is in such bad condition it can't be restored.

If you do require tooth extraction we will offer you restoration treatments to ensure your smile remains complete moving forward.

Can I Get Oral Cancer Screenings?

We are trained to spot the signs of oral cancer and we will check for this every check-up that you have with us. If we suspect there is something that needs further investigation, we will refer you to your GP or to the relevant specialist.

Why Are Your Custom Mouth Guards Better Than Shop-Bought?

For optimum protection against injury and trauma in sport, we recommend custom mouth-guards which are made to protect your teeth and gums much more precisely than shop bought versions. We also offer custom mouth-guards to prevent teeth grinding (bruxism) and to aid in preventing snoring.

How Can I Benefit From General Dentistry Services At The Elms Dental Practice?

All you need to do to start benefiting from our innovative treatments, modern equipment and our dedicated and experienced team is register! Please call our family-friendly clinic on 0118 942 7951 today for more information.

Caring Dentistry in Reading

At The Elms Dental Practice we take pride in providing you with high quality dental care in a friendly and relaxed environment.

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