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I have had problems from an early age with very worn and broken teeth. Dharmesh has undertaken a complete rebuild of my mouth including correcting my bite. Although the work is still in progress I am extremely impressed with the temporary crowns and implants and feel confident about my new smile. Both Dharmesh and Jamie have an obvious passion for their work and have made me feel very relaxed and confident during the treatments.


'An excellent practice providing a wide range of dental services. Friendly and efficient staff. Recommended.


As I explained to Dr Panesar, we are a family with dentistry in our blood so I kind of know what I am personally looking for when I go to the dentist.
The most important thing I am looking for from a dentist is someone who knows their profession well, shows professionalism, has and knows the latest technology, communicates well with their patients, takes hygiene seriously and shows compassion.
Trust me, I have gone round the houses looking at local dentists for all these qualities and even the fully private practises struggle to tick all these boxes.

I think you provide a very good service.

All the dentists we have had with you have been very professional, familiar with modern technology, been fantastic communicating with our 3 boys and I have never had a problem taking any of the kids to your practise.

Dr Panesar was the first dentist we ever met when we arrived at the Elms Dental Practice. Not knowing us previously, he took time to ask us all the relevant questions and he did a thorough examination before he began.

Myself and the boys are not anxious patients at all, but even if we were, the reassuring manner we have received to date would certainly encourage me to recommend your practise. Your ongoing explanation as you go along is a great comfort.

I also appreciate the email and text reminders which we get sent regularly. So helpful! I think you provide a very good service. Your receptionist last week was the best to date!


Dear Dr Panesar. I’m sorry I never really thanked you for all the work you put into provide me with my front crown. I know I wasn’t an easy patient because of my jaw problem.

However, I have studied the crown well and I am really delighted with it. It’s is such a good match and it is a joy to be able to smile at people without feeling self-conscious. I am very grateful.


Both my wife and I have been patients of Dr Panesar for over six years and would thoroughly recommend him to any of our friends.  He is a gifted professional, extremely conscientious, with a very pleasant manner.  He talks through the treatments and options available and we have every confidence in his abilities.  His clear aim is to save teeth rather than carry out unnecessary work which is very reassuring.

I have recently completed an implant procedure and my wife is currently in the middle of an implant programme with Dr Barot at the practice.  Again, we have found Dr Barot to be entirely professional and someone who takes time to explain exactly what is involved with complex implant work and explore all options available to his patients.  He has an extremely pleasant persona and sets you at ease.

Jamie, who is Dr Barot’s dental nurse, is a credit to the practice.

'The services you provide are excellent, all of the staff stand out to me and are friendly. I had a root canal and a crown done at the practice and the dentist made me feel very relaxed and cared for. I would recommend the practice to friends and family. My overall experience was amazing. I always use to dread going to the dentist but not anymore.


I have been a patient of Dr Barot for six years and in that time I have gone from being a very nervous, reluctant patient to one who has great confidence in the quality of care I will receive and the long term benefits of the complex treatments I am undergoing (over a period of time this has included an implant, 7 crowns and a gum graft) As well as the outstanding dental expertise I have also experienced exceptional professionalism from the whole team. From the outset there has been a level of attention to detail that I have found very reassuring. Any concerns that I have had have been addressed extremely promptly, no matter what time of day. I have had courtesy phone calls to check on my wellbeing throughout, many were made outside of normal working hours. Dental nurse Jamie has been particularly caring throughout. It is very reassuring to have someone like Jamie alongside when going through such complex traumatic procedures. In summary the practice has provided me with outstanding treatment and care over an extended period of time. I am delighted to recommend them wholeheartedly. I am happy to edit or expand if Dr Barot would like me to, I tried to keep it short but have a lot to say!


I have had excellent service from the The Elms Dental Practice, and in particular from Dr Barot, whom I generally see. He has attended to my teeth for about 6 years and has done so with care, professionalism and kindness, and always listens patiently to my problems and acts diligently on them. Latterly, he has been dealing with my very worn teeth by inserting a total of seven implants, all of which have successfully ‘taken’ and which have been followed up with careful aftercare, so I have no worries at all on that score. My lower teeth have now been settled with crowns, though the imbalance against my worn upper teeth has led to two lower crown breakages, but Dr Barot explains to me that he will fix them properly once my upper teeth have been settled as well. Here there has been delay because of the need for an expert bone surgeon to cut away parts of the bone around my 4 central upper teeth, so that the crowns can be affixed securely, but I expect that that part of the treatment to be completed within the next 2 months – following which the other upper teeth can be re-crowned as well. I like the fact that Dr Barot plans things well ahead and only proceeds when it is proven safe to do so, including obtaining the right CT scans, X-rays and photographic records, together with advice from other professionals as and when needed: all this includes making accurate 3D models to guide the treatment, and I must say that Dr Barot is extremely thorough and careful, and I don’t feel I could be in better hands. I ought to add that Dr Panesar has sometimes treated me, again always with great care and skill; and Jamie has usually been to hand during my treatment and is a great credit to the practice. My thanks to them all, and to the others who have sometimes come and helped in the surgery. I would wholeheartedly thank the team and recommend the practice to anyone who needs sound treatment including careful discussion and analysis of one’s personal needs and personal limitations.

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