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Facial Rejuvenation and Anti-Wrinkle Treatments In Reading

Skilled facial rejuvenation and anti-ageing treatments

Makeup on the market today is phenomenal and is able to make your lashes appear longer, your skin appear smoother, your cheekbones look more sharp, and it can even your eyebrows appear more full.

So Why Facial Aesthetics?

Although makeup is fantastic at providing short-term confidence, the look it creates doesn't last long, and it can only make so much of a difference. At the end of the day, the makeup has to come off, and often confidence comes away with it.

Sometimes, for a deeper rejuvenation and restoration, a more substantial treatment is needed, one that doesn't come off with a wipe before bedtime.

Our modern clinic offers complete facial rejuvenation using exceptional treatments that help you enhance your looks in a natural but transformative way.

Our facial aesthetics team is experienced and skilled and will be pleased to discuss your concerns and offer you treatments that provide you with the professional results you want.

Which Problem Areas Can Be Treated With Facial Aesthetics Treatment?

Each client is unique in the look they want to achieve, however there are common issues patients discuss with us including:

  • Wrinkles around the eyes
  • Expression lines
  • Jowls
  • Forehead lines
  • Neck sagging
  • Facial skin sagging
  • Volume loss in the face
  • Smokers lines
  • Thin lips

Although we do often treat individual areas, we can also approach your entire look as a whole. If you want to discuss several areas of your looks that concern you, we can combine techniques and treatments to create a natural, but transformative result across the entire face.

Botox - What Does It Do?

Botox is a brand of Botulinum toxin type A which is used to treat the muscles which contract and cause fine lines and wrinkles. The product relaxes the muscles slowly over two weeks, and then the results last anything up to 3-6 months. The anti-wrinkle injections are almost painless and patients usually don't require any downtime.

Why not visit Elms Dental Practice for a consultation to learn more about how Botox could take years off your looks in just one treatment?

Fillers - What Do They Do?

‘Fillers’ is a term usually applied to HA (Hyaluronic Acid) which is a plumping agent produced naturally by the human body. Whereas Botox relaxes muscles to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fillers provide a different approach to tackling problem areas.

Fillers can be used to treat more substantial lines and grooves which appear on our faces as we age. Our skilled aestheticians can also use fillers to sculpt the face, enhancing the volume of some areas, whilst reducing the appearance of wrinkles in other areas. This complete and comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation with fillers creates a natural but noticeable transformation that can take years off your appearance.

Are Anti-Ageing Treatments Safe?

Our clinicians are experienced and qualified to provide facial aesthetic treatments that they know are medically safe. The team is also always up to date with relevant safety training to ensure that they are meeting the very latest standards, and so that they have the expertise to deal with any rare complications should they arise.

How Can I Book A Consultation For Facial Aesthetics Treatments?

At The Elms Dental Practice here in Reading we have a dedicated team of clinicians using the very latest treatments and techniques in facial aesthetics to help you get a youthful, rejuvenated look specific to your needs. Please call our team on 0118 942 7951 for more information today.

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